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Urgent Action Needed to
Save American Horses from Slaughter

Last Hope for Horses

Message From The Humane Society of the United States

FYI - HSUS is strongly encouraging folks to contact their legislators and urge them to cosponsor the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176/H.R. 2966) Let them know that you don't want taxpayers footing the bill for horse slaughter! Click Here To Read the Article From HSUS. Visit this website to make a brief, polite phone call to your two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative, urging co-sponsorship of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

The Agriculture Appropriations bill passed by Congress and signed into law last month stripped the House-approved language prohibiting the use of U.S. Department of Agriculture funds for horse slaughter inspections, a defunding provision which had been in every agriculture spending bill since 2005. It reverses six years of U.S. policy against subsidizing foreign-owned horse slaughter plants, and it could pave the way for the resumption of equine slaughter here on American soil. Allowing federal funds to be used to inspect horse-slaughter plants is a step backward for America's iconic horses and a waste of tax dollars. Americans don't eat horses, and they don't want them inhumanely killed for a high-priced appetizer in Europe or Asia.

Click Here to visit HSUS's website on this issue and for information on how to help as it is vital that we renew our push to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176/H.R. 2966) that will prohibit horse slaughter from returning to the U.S. and end the export of American horses for slaughter. Please make a brief, polite phone call to your two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative, urging co-sponsorship of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Look up your legislators' phone numbers here.

Then, use the form on the link above to send a follow-up note. We encourage you to add your own thoughts or comments about horse slaughter in the editable portion, so your federal legislators know how important this issue is to you personally.

Thank you


head shot 10-14-12.jpg hind pretrim-1.jpg candy fronts 10-14-14.jpg

From the headshot of this beautiful little mare, all appears right with her world. Her eyes and demeanor do not reflect the pain and discomfort to which she has become accustomed the most recent years of her young life. Such is the strength of spirit and will to survive of those most magical creatures- horses.

In September of 2011, Equine Voices received a call from a concerned neighbor about a cream colored mare, hobbling around as best she could on feet that were horribly deformed, even to an inexperienced eye. Although her body condition and weight were adequate, her owner had neglected a critical part of the required care of a domestic horse- the feet. In the wild, Nature provides the means for horses to maintain self trims on constantly growing hooves, buffing and smoothing the hoof wall as it makes contact with the natural terrain. In the care of humans, when restricted movement on soft ground, prevents the natural hoof trim, horses rely not on nature, but their caretakers to provide regular care by a trained hoof care specialist. Chronic neglect and overgrowth of the hoof wall can lead to permanent deformity and crippling; robbing the horse of their very life essence-their movement.

After discussions with the owner, it was finally agreed that the little mare would be released to Equine Voices, and given the opportunity to begin her road to recovery and healing of her horribly deformed hooves.

The first step was a visit by our wonderful Veterinarian, Dr. Michel Hutchison, who performed a thorough examination and x-rays of the hooves. The radiographs determined some re-structuring in the coffin bone, and provided a guide to Hoof Care Specialist Courtney Vincent in how and where to begin the trimming and rehabilitation of the "elf" feet.

Mary B. in Tucson graciously offered to take the little mare into her care and provide a foster home. On October 11, 2011, "Trinket" moved into her new home. Shortly after, with careful review of the x-rays, Courtney performed the first hoof trim. Trinket's job now, with the help of her foster Mom, is to grow all new feet. With regular hoof care, proper diet, and moderate exercise as she can tolerate, this will take approximately one year. We are hopeful that Trinket will make a wonderful recovery.

We will share with you Trinket's journey, with photos and video of her road to recovery. Stay tuned for frequent updates on Trinket!

Articles and pictures by Carol Grubb

Hay Availability & Pricing Information
for this coming Arizona Winter

Click Here To Read an article regarding the availability and pricing for Alfalfa and Bermuda Hay during the Winter of 2011 and 2012

Equine Voices Holiday Open House Reminder

Open House Decorating Party on Sunday Dec. 3rd

Last Sunday a team of volunteers weathered the cold to decorate the ranch for the upcoming Open House and for the Christmas Holidays. Below are a few pictures of them hard at work. Click Here to visit our website for more information about the Holiday Open House.

Thank You Gang Love "Nick"

Happy Holidays from Nick.JPG

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