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Happy Holidays From "Gulliver" & Friends


Our annual fundraiser at Brandy Fenton Park in Tucson was the kick-off event in March and was thankfully quite a success. Against difficult fund-raising times because of our economy, one in which we are down about 40% in funding coupled with an increase of 11.5% in expenses, we burst through the bubble with the help of many volunteers and the invaluable participation of Channel 13 anchors Heather Rowe and Dan Marries. Not without considerable effort, Gulliver's Fan Club, aimed at horse sponsorship, increased nicely throughout the year and continues to grow nationally. In July, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams gave us a huge international boost by broadcasting our message world-wide and continued to kindle our mission to give a "voice to the voiceless". Next, homeless wild horses ultimately nick-named "the Band of Brothers", began to pop up in an exclusive complex in Sahuarita, and Equine Voices came to the rescue with the instrumental help of Rudy Acevedo, AZ livestock officer, and the huge hearts of David & Joyce Rychener and Steve & Jane Turcotte, who volunteered to give the stallions permanent sanctuary in Aravaipa, AZ, on a 3,000+ acre ranch with natural grass and free grazing. Then, in October, we held our 5th annual "Equine Voices Wine and Dine" gala at the Historic Arizona Inn where we acknowledged the many contributions by volunteers and donors alike, recognized the selfless contributions of Rudy Acevedo, ranchers David & Joyce Rychener and Steve & Jane Turcotte, and Allan Mardon, renowned artist and huge supporter of Equine Voices. We then presented our annual "Lorilei Award" to for a year's effort above and beyond to Rose, Larry, and Laura Meyer of Tucson. This event has turned out to be a great way to celebrate the lives of the horses we have saved during the season. Throughout this busy year we were fortunate to receive grants from the likes of Equus, the ASPCA, the Arkwatch Foundation, some private foundations, Arizona Horse Lovers Foundation, and several other giving individuals.

The Creme-de-la-crème came to us in December as a Christmas present because on the 21st, the day before winter solstice, 6 foals came to us through many months of toil and thereby whisked away from a certain fate of slaughter. This was the culmination, the crowning event of the year, the "dessert" if you will for us as horse lovers. To see the babies safely exit their transporter and begin to experience their new home was tearfully heart-warming to say the least. We continue to strive to change the world of compassion as we know it, to elevate the status of horses, and to change the classification of ALL equines from "livestock" to "companion" animals, a luxury and protection advantage shared by dogs and cats. Three cheers for a great and wonderful year, hopefully only to be outdone by the next! 2012, here we come!

Equine Voices wishes all of you a very happy holiday season.

By Tom O'Neil

Babies Arrive Home For Christmas On Santa's Equine Sleigh

Six beautiful babies, "expendable" cast-offs from the Premarin industry, were paid for by Equine Voices and safely shipped to us by Hubbard Horse Transport in the month of December. They were saved by Equine Voices from a former PMU farmer and through the collaboration of several groups, among them Anna Twinney, Reach Out to Horses, Celine Myers with the Arkwatch Foundation, Frank Weller of Equine Angels and Ray of Light. The babies were weaned, moved from the PMU farm, and then transported to North Dakota in November. They then left N.D. on December 17, were transported in a luxury horse semi, first to the state of Washington, a drop-off point for several other horses. There they rested and then continued on to California, where they again rested and watched while some of their new fellow riders were off-loaded. Then, at midnight, Chuck and Miriam, skilled haulers, carefully reloaded the babies along with six other horses for their last leg and headed to Green Valley to find home at Equine Voices. They arrived just about noon amid thunderous applause seemingly none the worse for wear for their long journey. KVOA's Channel 4 Anchor-Reporter Brandon Gunnoe was on hand to aptly film the historic event. This victory was the result of many months of calling, negotiating, and arranging the adoption and complicated transportation details, spearheaded by Karen. Also on hand at the arrival, to present a substantial monetary donation and a beautiful glass award to Karen, President and Founder of Equine Voices, was a representative of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, an organization dedicated to help all earth's co-inhabitants. The unexpected gifts were given with love to Karen for her sacrifice and her relentless devotion to expanding her mission of giving a "voice to the voiceless". Thank yous go out to Scriptsave, Joyce from Phoenix, all the volunteers and supporters who made this incredible rescue and delivery possible! And Nancy, Stella, and Danae - thanks for picking up the donuts!!!! We love you!

By Tom O'Neil

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Join Us For A Very Special Ceremony Celebrating The Horses of Equine Voices

When: January 14th & January 15th, 2012 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.
Where: Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
$50.00 Per Day Suggested Tax Deductible Donation

Celebrate the new year with us in two days of sacred ceremony, introducing the Dine‘ (Navajo) traditions, blessings, prayers and song. Share in the Creation Story of the Horse that honors all that is sacred. Follow the footsteps of the Ancestors, to the Four Sacred Mountains, as told by a Dine Medicine Man. Actively participate in a blessing for the horses and the grounds, understanding our deep connection to the earth and all things. Begin 2012 with ancient traditions that speak to the heart, guided by the sentient wisdom of the horses. Illuminate your own personal journey to your ancestors and life’s purpose.

Space is limited, so make your reservations now. Email info@equinevoices.org or call 520-398-2814 to reserve your space or for more information.

Action Alert: Your Help Needed to Protect the Pryor Mustangs
BLM Sets Sights on Cloud's Herd Once Again

The BLM is proposing another significant removal of wild horses on the Pryor Mountains.

We know. Just when you thought it was safe... they’re back!

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