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When fate is allowed to collide with fortune, good things can happen! Such was the case last week in Sahuarita when a two-month old saga harking back to days of the old West concluded in the beautiful slopes of Aravaipa. Four yearlings decided that the common area of Rancho Resort in Sahuarita, AZ was a great place to reside - luckily more than half of the human residents thought so too, at least for awhile. Grass aplenty, these youngsters dined voluntarily in their new digs eventually supplemented with Alfalfa and Bermuda. But, alas, it was only temporary because some of the residents were not happy with the horses' "exhaust" as one volunteer put it. Shelby Stewardson, one of our hearty volunteers and recent adopter who had been watching the plot thicken contacted Karen for help, and both, interested only in the welfare of the 4-leggeds, summoned the help of Rudy Acevedo with Arizona Livestock to help mitigate the situation. Equine Voices volunteered to supplement the feed of the four kids, offer panels to contain them, transport them if necessary, and generally help where ever needed. Strictly adhering to the law in order to make sure they were legally cared for, they were gently captured and transported to their temporary holding area in Nogales, waiting for the next chapter. It didn't take long to develop - Julianne French, a wild horse advocate met David Rychener, a rancher with a huge, caring heart, and after hearing of their plight he, offered to let them roam free on his 3400 spread in Aravaipa, NW of Mammoth where they would be allowed to act like horses, graze freely, and eat naturally. Channels 4 and 13 had been covering the story and 13 joined us early on Saturday, July 23rd, in Nogales to film the move from down south to their new home in Aravaipa. Except for a temporary hiccup getting them through the narrow, winding road to the ranch, all went well. They were ceremoniously let out while beaming faces nodded approval. God must have been smiling because shortly after the four were let out miles above the ranch, they found their way back down, through and open gate, and temporarily romped with some mares before they were recaptured and transported back.

Click Here To See A Slide Show The Wild Horse Rescue By Norma Jean Gargasz

Click Here To See A Click Here To See A YouTube Video Wild Horse Rescue By Julianne French


Looks pretty sharp, huh? An anonymous donor has donated the funds necessary to re-build one of our three sided shelters, and boy, did it need it! LeMarr Construction out of Tucson has been hard at work to give it the attention it needs and the results are nothing short of miraculous! Larry the foreman and Brett, the owner, have made it a thing of beauty! A huge debt of gratitude to both the anonymous donor and LeMarr Construction!


Some horses just can't catch break. A year or so ago, the young life of Dreamcatcher aka. "Fuente" took a turn for the worse - while playing; he accidentally came down on a metal T-post and impaled himself, from the bottom of his jaw through the top. No one took the initiative at the time to fix it properly and it bloomed into a huge problem. Due to this accident, when he eats, saliva squirts out from the left side of his face, mimicking a fountain! Although he is a happy and loving youngster, he is currently losing approximately 40% of his nutrients. In order to give Dreamcatcher the chance to live a healthy life, he needs special medical attention. Would you consider making a donation for this special young colt? No amount is too small!

Click here to meet Dreamcatcher.

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