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A Forever Moment
by Jeff Kirkendall

I have become a sixty-year-old grandfather, and I am happy to report that I still sometimes see my life through the eyes of a boy. How much I have learned. How much I might still discover. As a student and therapist in the field of childhood sexual abuse for thirty years, I know some things, and "firsts" are monumentally important in life. For many of the children I have known, I was the first man they ever met in their lives who treated them with the respect every child is entitled to as a birthright.

Now I have seen a lot of horses run. I grew up with the inventions of television and color movies. Children all over the world love to watch American cowboy and Indian films. In my lifetime I have seen thousands of horses run. But horses in the flesh are what stick with you. My beloved wife of twenty-six years Carol forever remembers a horse she saw from the window of a moving train when she was a young girl. Was the horse racing the train? What us Indians and cowboys know that is that horses can race with spirit winds and they talk with little girls and boys.

January 1st of 2011, Paulden, Arizona. Carol had watched closely from our dining room window the five horses starving to death next door. She took me aside and gave me that look she used to give me when we were saving children for a living. As she pointed, she told me, "That one is not going to make it, it's time to take him." She was pointing to the faltering stud who had broken his penis two weeks before while trying to mount a mare through the pipe-fence. The end of his penis hung un-retractable like a heavy lump of raw hamburger

We knew we were making the sheriff and livestock officer's lives more difficult, but as the antiquated livestock laws of Arizona are written, officers cannot intervene until the horses are inevitably at death's door. As our daughter Mary has regularly reminded me in the over-quarter-century of my fatherhood to her, to do less than what is necessary in these circumstance would be to fail altogether. That girl has a lot of her mother in her.

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Lessons Learned

One of the reasons I started Equine Voices, was to raise the level of compassion for all living beings, and to be a "voice for the voiceless" by bringing awareness to the plight of PMU mares and foals, and other equines who are being starved, neglected, abused and abandoned.

Abuse comes in many forms. Neglect is a form of abuse. Neglecting those that are dependent on us for food, water, basic hoof care and veterinary services in my opinion is a form of abuse. When a person accepts responsibility for an equine, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. This is a choice that a person makes, and that person should be committed to caring for that animal for a lifetime.

Recently three of us cleared our calendars to transport two former PMU mares and their fillies', which were adopted a few years ago. Upon arrival we were shocked to find that the horses were living in a situation that was less than ideal.

The worst part of all, one of the mares, an all time favorite of the sanctuary's , was eating her own manure. She had lost the luster in her coat, a good amount of weight and lost the glimmer in her eyes.

As I looked down at the horses' feet, I was deeply saddened. Perhaps these individuals did not realize what was happening to the horses over a period of time. A situation we see all too often.

Equine Voices was founded on three basic principles: Honesty, integrity and always giving the horses in our care what they need to thrive and live the life they deserve. We expect this from individuals who choose to participate in our adoption program.

Unfortunately, not all adoptions turn out as we would expect, but this one in particular, was a shock to all of us. I honestly am not sure what went wrong, but can only comment on what I see. It's difficult enough to adopt the horses once we have taken them in, and to trust that the new caretakers will care for the horses with the highest of integrity and standards of care.

They are back at the sanctuary, in a safe environment, where they will thrive once again, and in a short period of time, we will see their coats glisten and see the sparkle return in their beautiful eyes.

Due to this unexpected owner release, we are looking for sponsors to help with the care of these horses. If you have it in your heart to sponsor any of the horses, please contact our office at 520-398-2814 or email us at info@equinevoices.org for more information and a photo. Donate with PayPal

As always, thank you for helping us give these horses the life they deserve.


The acclaimed horse rescue in Southern Arizona - Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary - played the feature role in a nationally broadcast network news report recently honored for calling critical attention to animal welfare and protection issues. The news report - aired July 20, 2011 on NBC Nightly News by anchor Brian Williams - won a prestigious Humane Society of the United States Genesis Award at a star-studded gala ceremony held March 24 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
NBC featured Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary in detailing the severe abuse suffered by horses used in illegal drug smuggling across the US-Mexico border, and Equine Voices’ vital role in rescuing these animals. The Genesis Awards have been given annually for the past 26 years to spotlight outstanding efforts by news and entertainment media that raise public awareness of animal issues. “We pay tribute to an amazing array of works that address animal protection concerns, but the real winners...are the animals themselves, who rely on these invaluable voices to speak for them,” says Beverly Kaskey, senior director of The HSUS’s Hollywood Outreach program and executive producer of the annual Genesis Awards.
After learning of the award highlighting Equine Voices’ work, Equine Voices founder Karen Pomroy said, “We were thrilled to learn that NBC won the award for the piece they produced on Equine Voices, and we were happy to know the topic of using horses in the illegal drug smuggling trade garnered national attention. After all, education is the key to change.”
In introducing the award-winning report, NBC News anchor Brian Williams said, “We end our broadcast tonight with a story about people who are giving some magnificent creatures a second chance at a good life. We hear a lot about the human toll in the drug trade between the U.S. and Mexico. We don’t hear much about the animals who are pressed into this duty and this dirty business and then abandoned when smugglers no longer need their services. Our report tonight (is) about an organization that is making a difference for these noble creatures.”
NBC News filmed the segment at the Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary in Amado - known as the Jumpin’ Jack Ranch - now the home of 48 horses rescued from slaughter or slow death due to neglect, starvation, abandonment and abuse. Equine Voices was formed eight years ago to save mares and foals used and discarded for slaughter in the manufacture of the hormone Premarin, made from the urine of pregnant horses.

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The entire 26th Genesis Awards event will be broadcast as a one-hour special on Animal Planet on May 5 at 4 p.m.

A clip of the NBC News report featuring Equine Voices is posted at www.equinevoices.org Contact Equine Voices founder Karen Pomroy at karen@equinevoices.org

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Please Oppose the BML's Plan to Erradicate Burros in Southern California Dessert

Wild burros have survived in the deserts of southern California for over a century, but the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced that it will remove all burros living in the Piute Mountain Herd Area (HA), where cattle grazing is still permitted, and capture "nuisance" burros who have wandered outside the Chocolate-Mule Mountains HA. The agency is planning a helicopter roundup beginning next month, targeting dozens of burros for removal. Please take a moment to oppose this cruel and unnecessary action by clicking here.

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