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Sponsor a Horse

Sponsoring a horse is a wonderful way to help if you have limited time, space or finances and can't commit to a life time of horse care. With the sponsorship, you will receive a framed picture of the horse you've chosen and their story. For an annual sponsorship you will also receive a beautiful Cowboys Collectible horse hair key chain.

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Gulliver Fan Club

Help Us
For only $10/month, you can help "Gulliver" spread the word about the plight of the foals bred for the PMU industry by joining the "Gulliver Fan Club"
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Gulliver & Friends
Legacy Fund

Legacy Fund
Consider Equine Voices as your charity of choice and help make a difference in the lives of the horses today and beyond.
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Nicholas aka "Nick": Legacy Fund

The Nick Legacy Fund has been created in Nick's memory to help us assist other horses like Nick. Our goal is to offer "over and above" medical services to horses who require special medical assistance.

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Shop At Amazon And Help The Horses!

equine voicesequine voices
By shopping online at Amazon, 10% of your purchases will go to the horses of Equine Voices. It's simple, quick and convenient and you never have to leave your home. Find the Amazon Icon on the top right corner of the homepage, right after the Benefit Wines logo. Or use the icons above.

Shop from Gulliver's Wishlist on Amazon

By simply shopping for the horses, you can help Equine Voices by giving the horses what they need most. Gulliver's Sherpa, Nancy, will continue to update items needed for all the horses that reside at Equine Voices and those fostered by updating the list regularly.
Gilliver's Wishlist

Shop Albertsons' And Help The Horses

The Community Partners Program is a way to reward organizations in the community for shopping at Albertsons. Organization supporters use a keytag when shopping at Albertsons to earn credit for the Organization. Please download and print your keytag here and then present your keytag whenever you stop at Albertsons

Update On The 90 Burros That Were Up For Auction

To All Our Friends,

I wanted to update you on the burro auction that was held Monday, July 1st in Buckeye, Arizona. There were a total of 71 burros that were rounded up and auctioned off. Many were pregnant jennies, jennies with newborns and jacks. Equine Voices is taking 17, 11 of which will be fostered until loving homes can be found. The other six have found permanent placement, two of which will come to the sanctuary. The auction was attended by another rescue group and several individuals who were there for the right reasons, and over half of the 71 were adopted. As of this morning, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has secured the remaining 29. I would like to extend a huge hug to all of you that stepped up to help us with this rescue, whether it be financially or actually taking them into your homes. I also would also like to extend a special thank you to Karin Johnson, for attending the auction, Forever Home Donkey Rescue-Tom O'Neil-Carol & Scooter Grubb and Jean Schroeder for taking time out of their day to transport our burros. Because of you, 17 little lives have been spared from an uncertain future. Today we will be delivering the burros Equine Voices rescued and bringing them home. We will keep you posted on their adventure to Tucson, Green Valley, and Vail. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Karen Pomroy
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary

Greater Green Valley Community Foundation Visits Equine Voices

Greater Green Valley Community Foundation's Executive Director Michelle Phillips and Board Members visited Equine Voices. Thank you all for the grant award to help with outreach and training!

** Horse DNA oldest by 500,000 years **

A bone found in Canada has shed light on the ancestry of the modern horse, and pushed back the oldest sequenced DNA by a huge margin. Click Here To Read More

Citing failure to ban slaughter, feds OK horse-meat plant

ALBUQUERQUE - Federal officials cleared the way Friday for a return to domestic horse slaughter, granting a southeastern New Mexico company's application to convert its cattle facility into a horse processing plant.

In approving Valley Meat Co.'s plans to produce horse meat, Department of Agriculture officials also indicated they would grant similar permits to companies in Iowa and Missouri as early as next week. To Read More On This Article Click Here

Nevada Governor Signs Historic Wild Horse Bill and more news

Nevada Governor Signs Bill to Facility Humane Management of Mustangs Under State Jurisdiction

On June 17, 2013, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval held a signing ceremony for a bill that was signed into law paving the way for the State of Nevada to enter into cooperative agreements with organizations to humanely manage mustangs under the State's jurisdiction. Primarily these horses live in the Virginia Range near Reno. AWHPC's Deniz Bolbol attended the ceremony with representatives of local wild horse advocacy groups. We look forward to working collaboratively with local and national organizations to put in place a humane management program for the Virginia Range horses and prevent them from being removed from their homes on the range. For more information please click here.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends for the "Heroes" of the 19 Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew that perished in the Yarnell Fire in Arizona on June 30, 2013. And to the many residents who have been displaced and have lost so much. Each of these heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice to serve and protect. May you rest in peace.

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